Sens Consulting’s presentation at Splunk .conf 2018

Sens Consulting had the pleasure of presenting subjects we are passionate about at Splunk .conf in October. This is the conference where Splunk gathers customers and partners from around the world. This year there were about 9000 people and the arena was Disney World, Orlando, Florida.

Thomas and Jørn Kristian from Sens Consulting, together with one of our customers, Erik Larsen from BankID Norrway, got the opportunity to demystify the data scientist.

During the presentation there were especially three areas we wanted to focus on. The first area is how machine learning, hypothesis testing and data-analysis in general is not much worth without first building a thorough and solid foundation with data engineering. The second area is how data analysis projects , to become successful, must include a large degree of interdisciplinary collaboration. The last area in the presentation is how Splunk Enterprise makes it possible in an easy way to apply the success criteria for effectively providing value  from unstructured machine data. When we say, write and mean ‘easy’ it requires that you apply structured work and methodology.

You can view the presentation here:

Sens Consulting’s presentation at Splunk .conf

Anne Beate Arneberg
Senior Solution Architect
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